I opened the box

With our memories;

There we were,

Walking along the Volga,

Kissing under the street light.

I had hidden us from me.

Thought I’d be better without you.

The moon knows

How I looked at her alone,

And tried to paint you a picture

Through the phone.

I let you go,

‘Cause I’ve been cold

For way too long

Without your warmth.

But I get flashbacks

Of your shape.

Didn’t know how deep into us, I was,

Until I lost you.

This feeling won’t grow,

But will get better with time

Like a fine wine.

Let’s put our memories

Back in the box and

Tie it in a bow.

Let’s leave it hidden

Until someday we come across it

And reminisce about how we loved.

But, right now,

I’m going to,

Tie us in a nice little bow

And leave us in the past,

To find my truth,

without you now.



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